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In case of an emergency, call 999. If you have concerns about your heart rhythm or device,

contact your cardiac clinic. For support and information:

Arrhythmia Alliance - 01789 867501 - AF Association - 01789 867502 - STARS- 01789 867503

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Arrhythmia Alliance Subsidised KardiaMobile Devices

Are you an Atrial Fibrillation patient worried about being in AF? 

Maybe you’re post-AF ablation and need to send an ECG? 

Has your arrhythmia ECG been cancelled, or your outpatient clinic is closed? 

AliveCor’s KardiaMobile allows you to take a medical-grade ECG in just 30 seconds, anytime, anywhere. You can share this with your physician from the convenience of your own home. 

Subsidised price £80 + P&P

To access a subsidised KardiaMobile device, click here >>> Arrhythmia Alliance online shop (one per family)


Emergency Use of KardiaMobile 6L to Help COVID-19 Patients

AliveCor’s personal ECG device, KardiaMobile 6L can now be used by medical professionals to help evaluate QTc in COVID-19 patients who are receiving QTc prolonging medication, including Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. Medical professionals may use KardiaMobile 6L for patients in-hospital or at home.


KardiaMobile 6L is the only, 6-lead personal ECG device in the world. The device can record and display Lead II, which is one of the standards to measure QT and to calculate QTc. As a personal ECG it can help to save increased exposure of healthcare professionals to COVID-19 patients and the need for more personal protective equipment.


Price £149 + P&P

To access a KardiaMobile device, click here >>> Arrhythmia Alliance online shop 

BardyDX CAM from Dot Medical Ltd

Direct-to-Patient ECG Ambulatory Monitoring 


Dot Medical is providing a service on behalf of BardyDX whereby Monitoring devices are shipped directly to the patient’s home with instructions as to how to attach the ECG Monitor.

Telephone support is provided during fitting if required on 01625 668811 and video support is also provided to the patient if they have access to a computer or smart phone at

At the end of the monitoring period, the patient simply removes the device and puts everything back in the pre-paid carton which can be posted at any post box. The device will arrive at Dot Medical where the information is downloaded in to a portal. ECGs can then be analysed by our BardyDX team of specialists or by the hospital Cardiac Physiologists.

Call Dot Medical for more information on 01625 668811 or email us on Patients who are interested should call Arrhythmia Alliance on 01789 867501

Dot Medical has been a provider of products and services to the NHS for 23 years and is on the NHS Framework Agreement. Our products are available on the NHS Supply Chain catalogue. All products are CE marked and conform to the highest standards of manufacture.


Remote Patient Care

CardioScan is helping reach cardiac patients with at-home Holter testing, using the latest waterproof 3-channel multiday Holter patch. Dispatched by courier directly to patients, the test kits include easy-to-follow user guides, videos and online support. (View here).

Attached in under 30 seconds, myPatch Holters require no further patient management, and are so comfortable many patients forget they are wearing the device – providing for comfortable, high quality recording for up to 14 days.

Click to learn more about myPatch.

Quality Assured

CardioScan provides fast, accurate analysis with all reports reviewed by at least two cardiac physiologists before being sent to clinics for sign off. Stringent proprietary QA systems ensure data precision and the highest reporting standards. Download our full QA Statement here.


Our global scale provides the most competitive prices with highest quality standards in a cardiac monitoring service. Patient convenience, robust analysis and precision data through unmatched QA systems ensures the best in patient care. Contact us to find out more.

T: +44 1992 351 023


At-home Holter analysis with CardioScan provides full support from our team to ensure your test is successful. Our service is also provided with clear user guides and online support. Contact us if you need more help.

T: +44 1992 351 023

ECG On-Demand 

Easy-to-use mail order Holter kits directly to arrhythmia patients without them having to attend hospital or surgery.

Clinical applications include: Atrial Fibrillation (AF) detection and burden / Palpitation investigations / Transient Loss of Consciousness (TLoC) investigations / Cryptogenic Stroke investigations / Post Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) investigations / QTc monitoring for Chloroquine therapy

Monitoring periods of 24 hours to 7 days. ECG On-Demand looks after the home delivery and collection arrangements together with video/telephone support during fitting.


Please click the image on the left play video.


Patients: should call the Arrhythmia Alliance on 01789 867501 to discuss if this service is appropriate for them or not prior to placing an order.


All reports, where an abnormality is identified, should be reviewed by the patient's doctor with access to the patient's medical history.

Clinicians: Please visit ECG On-Demand’s website for further information or call 0345 5212992 - Book Call Back

Arrhythmia Alliance Partnership Pricing

Monitoring Period

List Price

Offer Price



Order Here

24 hours



48 hours



72 hours



7 days



ECG On-Demand is: CQC Registered* & Inspected/NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit Accredited**/Cyber Essentials Plus Accredited/An approved NHS Framework Supplier

*A legal requirement  *Means patients and the NHS can trust ECG On-Demand to handle personal data


Guaranteeing continuity of care during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond


Remote monitoring solution for clinicians:

For many heart patients who depend on regular consultations and check-ups to monitor their condition, the FibriCheck app can offer an essential lifeline during the current quarantine period. The medically approved app makes it easy for patients to monitor their own heart rhythm over an extended period using only their smartphone. 


Under the TeleCheck-AF programme (a programme started in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic), use of the FibriCheck app has already become standard operating procedure for 18 clinics so far throughout Europe. 

For more information on the TeleCheck-AF project, click here


FibriCheck for patients: Collect valuable data via your smartphone

FibriCheck turns your smartphone into a medical device and provides doctors with highly reliable data for deciding on an appropriate course of treatment. Data can be collected and shared with your caregiver without the need for additional hardware and without even having to leave your home.

Remote monitoring means you can avoid coming to the hospital for an ECG during the coronavirus outbreak and still receive the care needed.


More information on FibriCheck for patients, click here


Zenicor Medical Systems  

Remote Arrhythmias investigation with Zenicor-ECG

The Zenicor-ECG device is a handheld ECG device for early arrhythmias detection and stroke prevention. The CE-marked, lead I ECG device is easy to use and allows patients to take their own ECG measurements anytime from anywhere. The measurements are transferred by the mobile network to a central database, where care provider can access them for further analysis and to establish diagnosis. The database is accessible from internet connected devices and does not require any software installation. Interpretation support is also available via Zenicor’s partners. Zenicor-ECG devices are small and can be mailed to patients’ who require arrhythmias investigation but cannot attend to their GP or hospital.

About Zenicor

Zenicor Medical Systems is a Swedish medical technology company developing solutions for early arrhythmias detection and stroke prevention with over 15 years’ experience. The Zenicor-ECG solution consists of a handheld, lead I ECG device and a web-based system for analysing and processing the ECG data. The solution is currently in use in over 400 clinics and 10 countries in Europe. Zenicor has always worked in close cooperation with the healthcare, which has enabled an integrated specialist and primary care solution with a clear patient focus resulting in the improved arrhythmia care pathway where the healthcare resources can be used more efficiently.

Zenicor-ECG has been used in the major screening studies STROKESTOP I and II and now also in the world's largest RCT screening study SAFER in the UK. For more information, visit

T: +44 20 3608 6636  E:


Patients can receive and apply Zio monitors from their homes

For Patients: Since Zio is being shipped directly to patients without the need for patients to visit hospital, iRhythm provides support to patients on the self-application of Zio with videos and resources including a 24/7 customer support team on 0808 189 3411.

For Clinicians: Zio can be shipped directly to patients, supporting them in continuing with critical cardiac monitoring especially for those vulnerable patients.  Clinicians can contact us on 0808 189 3411 or to find out more or to start a direct shipping service.

Spacelabs Healthcare

Your Trusted Partner for Arrhythmia Diagnostics

With our arrhythmia detection solutions used in the majority of UK Cardiology Centres, Spacelabs is here to support customers during this challenging time.

We can help you with:

  • advice on fitting devices away from acute hospital settings
  • advice on managing your patient data remotely
  • disposable accessories
  • overflow analysis services 

To help with increased demand as restrictions are eased we have extended our special offers on recorders until 15th June, 2020.

Call us on +44 (0)1992 507700 or email:

CardioSTAT® Home Application Service

Up to 14 day cardiac monitoring in the comfort and safety of patient's own home


CardioSTAT Single-use ECG recorder is shipped directly to the
patient’s home
Patients apply the recorder with easy step by step instructions
No clinic or hospital visits required
Clinically actionable ECG reports sent directly to the
prescribing physician.


COVID-19 Response: Special pricing now available for the NHS                                                                                                           LEARN MORE HERE


Patients Relieving pressure on the healthcare system by monitoring heart health at home 

QardioCore is a continuous wearable ECG that can help manage your patients’ heart condition while they stay at home. With no need for skin preparation, wires or patches, QardioCore is easy to use for an unlimited amount of time. It provides three leads of continuous ECG data and can detect and record atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias remotely. 

QardioCore can also track respiratory rate, heart rate and temperature. Patient vitals are sent to QardioMD+VSI, our remote patient monitoring platform that can identify patient deterioration early to help you plan and prioritise care. 

For more information visit or contact us directly on

Preventice Solutions  

For years, Preventice has offered a proven, established process and a dedicated team that is fully equipped to provide Home Hook-up services to patients. 

Our team has vast experience in walking a diverse patient population through the hook-up process, while establishing a touchpoint for any further questions throughout the monitoring period. Preventice offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer and patient support.


With patient comfort in mind, the fully waterproof MINI features simple application without skin abrasion allowing to swim, shower and swap patches without ending the monitoring period, requiring them to return to the clinic or prescribing a new monitor.


Unlike many patches, MINI offers one of the industries longest’ battery lives, (up to 16 days), whether the patient is monitored in-office or at home. 


It can ‎also be replaced during the recording without jeopardizing data collection or ‎requiring the patient to return to the clinic. 

Call us now on 01329 422555 or email to learn more and benefit from our Home Hook Up service.  


Remote Monitoring For Patients 

We are aware that many clinics have already started to increase remote monitoring services in order to keep patients safely managed at home. After discussions with leading clinicians and industry, Arrhythmia Alliance would like to offer, for those that may need it, support and a service to alleviate the work involved for remote monitoring. 

For more, click here

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