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Kathy didn't think she needed anticoagulants - until she had an AF-related stroke
On the death of an old friend…
Philip was diagnosed with AF at the age of 57, after suffering a stroke while on holiday
Margaret had all the signs of a mini stroke but thought she was fine. 
Sylvia experienced a TIA in May 2015. Thankfully there were few long lasting effects.
Bev showed no risk factors for AF-related stroke. Despite this, at the age of 45, she suffered a stroke out of the blue. 
Within the space of a few hours, Claire had been diagnosed with AF, and told she’d suffered a stroke. Here she shares her story.

Chris Banting had two strokes when he was 29-years-old.
Paul Jaworski survived an AF-related stroke after being diagnosed with Paroxysmal AF in January 2012.


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