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Key questions to ask your clinicians

Causes of AF

  • What is the cause of my atrial fibrillation? Do I need treatment for the causes and will it stop the AF?
  • Is there anything I can do to stop it or reduce the episodes?
  • Can I exercise safely? What exercises will be most beneficial to me?
  • Do I need to change my diet? Are there certain foods or drinks I should avoid?
  • What do I need to tell the DVLA & insurance companies?
  • How will taking an anticoagulant affect my lifestyle, work or other commitments?
  • Do I need to take an anticoagulant? Which anticoagulant would be best for me – why is this?
  • How will my atrial fibrillation drugs interact with my other existing medications?
  • Are there any alternatives to the medications you are prescribing, and if so what are they? How can I be assessed for these? 
  • What happens if I still feel unwell? When should I see or talk to my GP?
  • If I feel very unwell I normally go to A&E. Is this the appropriate thing to do?
  • Is there an operation to repair my heart and stop the AF?
  • Should I consider cardioversion or a procedure such as ablation? What are the risks and benefits to the procedure?
  • What should I expect during the recovery period?​​

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