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Will's story

There is no history of AF (that I know of) in my family, although my brother had a lone AF incident about a year ago...

Being AF Aware
Keeping an AF Diary

Barry's story

Barry shares his experiences with AF in this presentation
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Patricia - CPVT

“Life is not over, it’s just a different way of living.”



Bob's AF Journey

The first incident of A-Fib was in 1998. I had just retired the year before at age 58 and moved to Chicago...

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Father and Son: Connected By the Heart




Judy's story - Treating AF

Atrial Fibrillation is easy to find, but evidence on how best to treat it isn't...

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Frank's story - Running from AF

Mayo Clinic

This was Frank's first half marathon and he finished in just over two hours despite recently suffering from severe fatigue and undergoing a catheter ablation...

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Rodney's story - Focused on Heart Disease

Mayo Clinic

Rodney was healthily aging. This wasn't an accident. All of his adult
life, he was active in his career, community and sought out opportunities to compete in physical challenges...

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Mae's Change of Heart

Mayo Clinic

Mae's "change of heart" was no reflection of her feelings toward her fiance or indicative of cold feet towards marriage. Mae's heart literally changed its pattern of beating...

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A Survivor's Story

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