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Jay was diagnosed with AF at the age of 29.  He has had three ablations but remains active and continues to participate in activities he enjoys despite his AF.

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"I was petrified and asked the nurse if I would die. She said she didn’t know - which made me more on edge."

Read Jennifer's account of discovering that she had AF aged 19.


"A very alarmed doctor told me to 'stop or that could be it'... I didn’t need to ask what 'it' was!"

Read Chris' account of the first sign of AF in his 20s but this didn't stop him from living an adventurous life.


"It was such a shock to find out there was something wrong with my heart"

Read Olympic rower Tom James' account of living with his AF on his way to scooping gold at London 2012


"I was your average 36-year-old; I had never heard of AF and thought that only old people had heart problems..."

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Aged twenty, Jordan woke up one morning with a pounding chest, and no previous warnings at all….

An account of how supportive doctors and access to the most suitable treatments helped Jordan slowly re-gain confidence and good health.

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Living with and Accepting AF, at 34 years of age - A Patient’s Perspective, by Martin

I was just short of my 34th Birthday when I was diagnosed with AF in October 2006.

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Rugby legend helping get to the heart of the matter.

Former England rugby skipper and Fylde resident Bill Beaumont is calling on others to get with the beat and know their heart rhythm.

Bill, of Lytham, suffers from atrial fibrillation - the most common cause of heart beating irregularity.

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(Source: Blackpool Gazette)



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