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Centres of Excellence

The value of receiving care at a multidisciplinary clinic specifically designed to meet the needs of syncope patients and those presenting with unexplained loss of consciousness has proven to be hugely successful and welcomed by syncope patients.  There are various examples of multidisciplinary clinics globally yet all too often patients presenting with loss of consciousness are not referred to appropriate clinics and this can lead to mis-diagnosis. For many a diagnosis can take months, even years.  As a patient, it can be difficult to decipher the difference between specialists and clinics, many seek second opinions and are prepared to travel in desperation to receive a correct diagnosis and access to treatments.

STARS is a recognised international non-profit organisation with its’ sister charity, Arrhythmia Alliance (www.heartrhythmalliance.org) and works in collaboration with healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, policy makers and all those impacted by syncope and heart rhythm disorders.  Highlighting best practice and recognising centres of excellence improves services and shares pathways leading to greater outcomes for patients.

Applying to become a recognised Centre of Excellence and providing examples of your work will enable members of STARS Medical Advisory Committee (an international panel of syncope experts) to review and approve.

Benefits of becoming a recognised Centre of Excellence:

  1. Gain recognition of your centre
  2. Promote best practice
  3. Receive Certificate of Excellence recognition
  4. Listed as Centre of Excellence on STARS and Arrhythmia Alliance web site nationally and internationally
  5. Enable other centres to refer patients to Centres of Excellence
  6. Enable patients to identify centres of excellence when seeking diagnosis and treatment
  7. Promoted through STARS & A-A healthcare professional database
  8. Promote through STARS & A-A patient database

If you would like further information or questions please contact info@stars-international.org



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