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National Heart Month - February 2022

National Heart Month is an annual event to raise awareness and encourage people to look after their heart. There are many ways to get involved with National Heart Month and one of the ways we want you to get involved is making your community heart safe! 

We want YOU!

Get involved this National Heart Month

1. Hold a Valentine's Day Fundraiser

This Valentine's Day you could organise a fundraising event in your community to help us continue with our life saving work.

You could:

Hold a cake sale - donating profits to STARS
Organise a swap shop at home, and invite all your friends and their friends to bring unwanted clothes and/or books. For each swap donate $1 to
Organise a bingo event at your local hall, charge players per game and maybe try asking local businesses for prizes, donating the profits to
Whether your talent is jewellery making, painting or woodwork, put your very best homemade goods up for sale at a unique arts & crafts sale for

If you have any questions about fundraising ideas, please see our contact details below:

Telephone: +44 (0)1789 867 503



2. Take Fainting to Heart

There is no such thing as a simple faint - there is always an explanation.

Fainting, or syncope, is temporary loss of consciousness caused by a decrease in blood flow to the brain. 50% of the population will faint at least once in their lifetime and most are unaware that fainting could be a warning sign for a serious, potentially life-threatening heart condition. 

In many cases, fainting is the only sign of an abnormal heart rhythm which is a leading cause of sudden cardiac arrest – a devastating condition that kills 100,000 people in the UK alone each year.

To learn more about syncope click HERE


 3. Make your family and friends aware of their heart

Download some of our resources and share with your family and friends this National Heart Month. By doing this you are making people more aware of heart health and the different conditions that can affect people. All our resources are endorsed by the Department of Health, covering all aspects of of syncope care, diagnosis and treatments.Visit us HERE to view our resources that are FREE for download today.

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