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Six-part video series: Q&A with Professors Richard Sutton and Boon Lim

Professor Richard Sutton (Imperial College London, UK) and Professor Boon Lim (Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK) explore key issues about syncope. 

Episode 1 - What is syncope?  Episode 2 - How is syncope diagnosed?
Episode 3 - What is a tilt test? Episode 4 - What are the treatment options for syncope?
Episode 5 - Your questions answered.  Episode 6 - What is the link between syncope and sudden cardiac death?


Six-part video series: Q&A with Dr Artur Fedorowski

In this six-part video series, Dr Artur Fedorowski (Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö, Lund University, Malmö, Sweden) answers key questions about syncope. 

Episode 1 - Dr Fedorowski explains what syncope is.  Episode 2 - Dr Fedorowski reviews how syncope is diagnosed. 
Episode 3 - Dr Fedorowski reviews the triggers and treatments for syncope. Episode 4 - Dr Fedorowski explores the link between syncope and sudden death.
Episode 5 - Dr Fedorowski talks about syncope and pacemakers. Episode 6 - Dr Fedorowski discusses lifestyle changes. 


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